Destination Social Business or How to Transform Your Organization

The IT-manufacturer Dell is widely known for its progressive and early commitment to social media. Now the experiences from Dell’s transformational journey from a computer manufacturer/seller to a truly social organization have found their way into a scientific paper.   According to a recent Forrester Research report, a majority of large firms plans to apply between three to seven collaboration technologies whereas small firms consider the use of one to three collaboration technologies. However, 90% of collaborative-technology initiatives fail. The latest article of Weinberg et al. (2013), focuses on providing initial guidance for how to harness the power of social media and how to employ principles and processes of collaborative community.


Four principles characterize a collaborative community:

  1. Finding a balance between pure self-interest and altruism. Therefore, mutual trust and a common purpose need to be developed.
  2. Establishing an ethic of contribution so that individual control, results and responsibilities diminish in importance.
  3. Implementing interdependent process management mechanisms to facilitate coming together and engaging collectively.
  4. Centralizing and mobilizing knowledge to create an infrastructure that enables employees to work for multiple teams and jump from one to another without destroying the system.

Social Media can facilitate the access to collective intelligence, creativity and passion what in turn enables improvements in organizational productivity with respect to each step of the value chain.

The article of Weinberger et al. (2013) was recently published in a special issue on “Social Media and Marketing” of the leading Journal of Interactive Marketing. Read the full paper here:

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