Here at last: Our findings on the “Twitter Effect”…

We (that’s Prof. Caroline Wiertz from City University London, former doctoral student Fabian Feldhaus, and myself) started our long-term investigation of the “Twitter Effect” in early 2009. [The “Twitter Effect” refers to the  potential impact of Twitter tweets on the early adoption of new products such as movies — for some introductory reading, see Mashable.

After several years of framing the problem, collecting one full year of tweets for new movie releases in North America (that’s 4 million tweets!) as well as lots of data on factors that could provide an alternative explanation why movies succeed or fail at the box office (e.g., advertising spending, movie genre, production budget…), quite extensive data analysis, and a lot of writing effort (yep, you still need this these days;-)), we can now contribute our academic “five cents” to the controversial discussion of whether such an effect exists — or it is all a big misunderstanding (as argued by several, see for example here).

If you’re are interested in our method and results, please take a look at our Working Paper — you can download it for free from the following site:

We appreciate your interest in our work and value potential comments!


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