Social Media, Consumer Empowerment, and He-Man – A Snapshot of one of our Current Research Projects

At the dawn of the Internet, scholars began predicting a shift in power from the marketer to the consumer, suggesting a new form of consumer–firm relationship. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, ordinary consumers gained access to vast amounts of information and developed opportunities to influence their own lives, in the marketplace and beyond. The social media landscape of ubiquitous connectivity, enabled through mobile devices, in turn has not only enhanced access to information but also allowed consumers to create content and amplify their voices, across the globe, to anyone willing to listen (Labrecque, vor dem Esche, Mathwick, Novak, Hofacker 2013).

This presentation is a snapshot of one of our current reseach projects – together with Lauren Labrecque, Charla Mathwick, Tom Novak, and Charles Hofacker – and a result of the discussions we had during the Social Media Think:Lab Thought Leaders’ Summit 2012. It explores the intersection of consumer behavior and social media and shows five distinct channels through which consumer power is created in the Internet and social media. The presentation has been prepared for the 42nd European Marketing Association Conference in Istanbul, June 2013.

Author: Jonas



  1. social empowerment 26. June 2013 at 07:33 Reply

    social empowerment is a big task, it depends on lots of factor just by saying, we can’t develop our human , nature or country.

    Social media plays a vital role, it draws attention, help in changing opinion of peopels

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Yes, empowerment is very important in many ways: for consumers, for citizens, for minorities, …

    Social media is a new verhicle to express power. It can have a huge impact in political and social relationships, as could be seen in many examples: Fokushima, Hurricane Sandy, Taksim, …

  3. participation of both male and female in social empowerment, professional activities, it has effects on economy and other development factors.

  4. social empowerment 15. October 2013 at 09:58 Reply

    Social empowerment is a big deal , need more and more people corporation to make it revolutionary and result oriented

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