Social Media Opportunities for Industrial Goods Producers

I just returned from a presentation I held on social media potentials for industrial goods companies in Berlin today. We had a very deep and honest discussion with train and railroad producers on the transformational opportunities created through social media integration. Although more or less new for most participants, we came to the heart of the topic soon. The most interesting issues for the group were:

  • If and if yes, which values can be created for which target groups,
  • Organizational preparations, necessary for getting started with social media,
  • How crises arise and how to manage them, and
  • How to influence politics and politicians through social media.

Many participants asked me about social media case studies specificly focusing on industrial goods companies. I only know a few of them, e.g. Siemens and BASF. Do you know if there are some more cases out there somewhere?


Author: Jonas



  1. Hi Jonas,

    I think you should have a look at the Social Media activities of the German company KUKA Robotics.
    As a german medium-sized B2B business they are present in several Social Media plattforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
    They also seem to handle the networked environment in a quite good way. Producing content exclusively for Social Media and linking it to different plattforms.

    Kind Regs


    • Stephan:

      Thank you very much for your comment. KUKA seems to be quite active in social media. More than 23k fans on Facebook are impressive for such a highly specialized company. Hopefully, they all belong to the right target group.

      All the best,



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